Interior Paint Color Ideas for Your Restaurant

///Interior Paint Color Ideas for Your Restaurant

Interior Paint Color Ideas for Your Restaurant

Tucson’s postcard blue skies and gorgeous sunsets make the perfect backdrop for any restaurant, but even the majestic beauty of the Old Pueblo isn’t enough to overcome a drab, boring paint job. Color is a powerful component that can change the entire look and feel of your restaurant and even give your patrons a more enjoyable dining experience. Have a look at some of these paint color ideas for inspiration and then contact an interior commercial painting company in Tucson for a professional color consultation.

Have Your Customers See Red

Red is a fantastic color for restaurants since it has been shown to stimulate appetite, which hopefully means increased food sales. Just remember to use red in moderation since too much can feel overbearing. Other shades that stimulate appetite include sunflower yellow, pumpkin, and vegetable-toned colors.

Reflect Your Menu

A great way to make your restaurant more aesthetically pleasing is by matching the interior color palette with the color palette of your menu. In other words, if your restaurant serves lots of salads or makes a point of using fresh ingredients, use greens, olives, mustard yellows, and similar shades. Or if you serve steaks and other fine cuts of meat, incorporate browns, mustard yellows, and wine reds.

Be Thoughtful and Consistent

When planning your restaurant’s interior paint scheme, have a consistent color palette throughout the space. Coordinating interior colors will create a more pleasant space, and can also help customers remember your restaurant better.
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