November 2017

Stucco Cracks

This home had stucco cracks from top to bottom. Stucco cracks are not only unsightly, they can allow damage to the infrastructure of your home. If that wasn’t bad enough, the previous owner turned a handyman loose on the stucco to make repairs. BIG MISTAKE! Quick repairs to stucco cracks may look good for a [...]

November 2014

What to Look for in a Company for Your Commercial Paint Job

The way your commercial building looks directly affects how people will perceive your company. If you want to present a reputable and professional image, it is important to hire the best people to provide services. Use this guide to be sure you find the top commercial painters in Tucson: Plenty of Experience If you want [...]

Tips for Taking Care of Your Roof this Season

Roofs in Tucson are constantly exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight and strong storms that could cause damage. If you want your roof to continue to protect your home throughout the year, it is important to properly maintain it. Use this guide to ensure that your roof is up to its job this season: Clear [...]

January 2014

Does chalky paint need to be removed before you paint?

Yes. Have you ever put a piece of tape on something that was dirty or dusty? Applying paint on a chalky or dirty wall is the same principle – it won’t stick. How can you tell if this is a problem you have on your home? On the side of your home that has the [...]

When is it time to coat your roof?

Typically, if you’re pushing the 5-Year mark it’s time. Here’s the reason – the coating slowly starts to break-down and wash off, thinning the membrane as it goes. In time, you’ll see cracking, checking even peeling in the field or center areas of the roof that gets less water flow than the drains. You might [...]

December 2013

A Chippy Mess…

This project was a challenge. Not only did we have a sea of customers coming in and out, but the building itself hasn’t been painted in over 20-Years! We pressure-washed, primed and rolled the tilt-up walls 2-times on the North side to hide the repairs and inconsistencies of the smooth surface.

November 2013

Real Cleaning

This Was the old Chevy Dealership on 6th, it’s now a furniture store. The photo tells the story of any project we do. Preparation. Walls, roofs, homes, etc. have to be cleaned so the products will stick. I’m talking about real cleaning, not a rinse.

Protecting Exposed Wood

What to do with exposed wood? You’ll get the most life out of it if you keep a wood sealer on it. I recommend re-coating every spring because of the summer sun that’s coming in a few months. I’ve found that caulking, wrapping, sealing, etc. only exaggerates the deterioration because it traps moisture. Wood needs [...]

Roof Coating

This is what happens when roof coating or any other elastomeric products are applied to parapet walls. I know, It sounds like a great idea and many contractors still try to sell this as an add-on. Here’s the process… As the elastomeric products shift and eventually crack, they allow moisture to seep in and get [...]